5 Tips for Choosing a Greenhouse

5 Tips for Choosing a Greenhouse

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Greenhouses allow farmers to grow all sorts of crops and flowers. They give you the flexibility to grow even the most delicate of crops. The predictable environment in a greenhouse shelters and protects tender plants from harsh weather, preventing likely damages.

Investing in a greenhouse helps you develop self-sufficiency; you germinate your own seeds and thus save on costs of buying commercial starters. With the worsening global climate crisis, gardeners and farmers alike are faced with high weather unpredictability. Bad weather can erode your soil, break your plants and even encourage pests to invade your crops.

A greenhouse gives your plants cover from all sorts of negative external factors such as bad weather. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right greenhouse for you and your specific needs.

Top 5 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Greenhouse

  1. Size

Do you need a grower or starter greenhouse? The latter is ideal for starting your own seeds indoors to get the variety you need while saving costs. It also provides the environment to start your seeds early, prior to spring getting in full swing. On the other hand, a grower greenhouse provides the environment you need to grow your crops to maturity under controlled conditions.

Grower gardens can support your need to engage in serious crop production. A greenhouse also provides a conducive environment for plants that normally don’t do well under your natural climatic conditions. Choose greenhouse kits that suit your unique needs and requirements.

Cold frames are designed in the form of simple boxes so you can easily move and protect your plants from frost. With sizes ranging from 4 x 4 feet to 20 x 16 feet, choose a greenhouse size that fits your budget and available space on your land. However, opt for the largest size you can afford to support your growing gardening needs.

  1. Design and Insulation

Properly insulated greenhouse cover is important if you live in an area that experiences extremely cold weather in winter so you’re able to garden all-year round. Choose between multiple-walled polycarbonate and twin-walled polyethylene greenhouse covers for cold climates. Check greenhouse snow-load rating to ensure what you pick can withstand heavy snowstorms.

Single-walled polycarbonate (or twin-walled polyethylene) or tempered glass panels are ideal for season-extender greenhouses you only need to germinate your seeds and nurture young plants before transplanting in spring. They’re also ideal for regions that often experience strong winds.

Glass greenhouses with a heat-retaining coating are a good option for areas with mild cold climates. Insulation also helps prevent loss of energy if you intend to heat your greenhouses.

  1. Glazing Options

Choose opaque (diffused), clear or semi-diffused glazing options on your greenhouse. They determine the strength of light your plants will receive. Single-walled polycarbonate and glass panels are clear enough to provide your plants with the direct sunlight they need for fast germination before being transplanted outdoors.

Twin-walled polyethylene and multi-walled polycarbonate have diffused glazing to support the growth of your crops to maturity. They help plants achieve maximum photosynthesis and develop more balance, better shape and compact. Semi-diffused greenhouse covers are dual-purpose, providing lighting as in fall and spring.

  1. Your Location

Your specific site, zoning and neighborhood are important considerations when choosing a greenhouse. Choose a site with some trees to act as wind-break without completely blocking its exposure to sunlight. A good greenhouse shouldn’t block your sightlines or that of your neighbor and not hamper your outdoor activities.

Check your local zoning regulations to ensure the product you pick satisfies all requirements. Pick a greenhouse bound to increase your home’s aesthetic appeal. Make sure your site is ready and properly prepared to house your greenhouse.

  1. Reputable Brand

A greenhouse is expensive and takes time to set up. Make sure you buy from a reputable brand known to manufacture premium quality greenhouses for durable use. Choose a brand that has been in business for years to ensure you get only the best. Look for warranty, packaging and any technical assistance available for installation or troubleshooting common problems.

Do your due diligence and research on the best greenhouse company. Start your research online and check reviews from previous customers to help you find the best greenhouse for your unique gardening needs.

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