2016 Christmas Postathon

2016 Christmas Postathon

2016 Christmas Postathon

At the end of every year, the world goes into celebration of the year’s biggest celebration – Christmas. The big day in 2016 is here. This Christmas Word Matters celebrates via the Christmas Postathon. Feel free to send in your Christmas celebration news, images, videos, messages, and so more—tell us what makes your Christmas special. For the next 24 hours, the blog will be updated with what you send plus what I pick to mark this day as special.

Background for christmas and new year

My Christmas Card

Here’s my Christmas card from my boss. Pretty Cool!!!


Christmas Quote

Christmas is the season for kindling the fire of hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart.
– Washington Irving

T-Bag’s Christmas Cracker

T-Bag series isn’t a special memory from my childhood but a timeless recipe for laughter and nostalgic adventure. This Christmas special is one I saw only recently on YouTube and watching again now. The scene showing T-Shirt losing his balance on the roof edge is priceless!!

Full House Christmas

With the Tanners, every occasion was fun. Some sweet memories of a Full House Christmas with Danny more involved in the cam recording (of course) than Christmas and you could sure tell Joey will become the Santa.

In Media – What If You Hate Your Christmas Present

Bristol Post shares an interesting article on responding to Christmas presents. What if you really hate what you get for a present? One of the tips the article lists says, “Choose wording carefully and think before you speak!” Now that does remind me of my blog title: Word Matters!

NY: Greetings from Eddie Cintron and Lattimore

Ok, Eddie Cintron is the first one to send his Christmas greetings from New York where he is celebrating Christmas with his pet dog Lattimore. Eddie has shared this video with us. Thanks Eddie and have a wonderful Christmas day!

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