Utah School Forcing Female Students to Dance with Boys

Utah School Forcing Female Students to Dance with Boys

If indoctrination at schools wasn’t enough, now you get news of a school forcing girls to dance with boys—this in Utah.

Kanesville Elementary School reportedly requires that girls do not say no to dance invitations at events, like the coming Valentine’s Day party at the school. And when a concerned mother, whose daughter is a student at the same school, inquired about the rule, she was told it was in place for a long time and nobody had complained.

The school defends its rule by arguing that it is meant to teach students to be polite and accept others.

The concern that it sends the wrong message is very legitimate. In a free country, you encourage people to say no when they don’t feel like it. But indoctrination centers, like this Utah school sounds, do otherwise. Under the pretext of teaching politeness and civility, these agenda-driven indoctrination camps work to stifle individuality and choice.

Parents, beware of these places!

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