Pakistan Claims Facebook Ready to Work on Censoring ‘Blasphemous’ Material

Pakistan Claims Facebook Ready to Work on Censoring ‘Blasphemous’ Material

Pakistani news sources have been running headlines in bulletins lately that Facebook admin has agreed to work with Pakistan’s government on removing “blasphemous” content from Facebook.

Given the long history of lying, exaggerating, distorting, and fabricating information in both Pakistani media and government, this claim remains unverified in effect for now. The media stories in Pakistan have – again – done a very lousy job in trying to feed the public some “breaking news”. There’s no name and/or designation/rank of either the concerned person from Pakistan’s government who claims to have this correspondence with Facebook nor the Facebook admin that allegedly assured of working on the issue to address Pakistan’s concerns.

The storm in Pakistan’s ever-drying teacup has been raised by some judge who called for banning social media blasphemers from leaving the country. And this of course from a government and judiciary that allowed a military general charged with treason and murder to leave the country under the openly bogus excuse of necessary medical treatment.

The same petite zeal was inflated to make news and create drama some years ago when a “blasphemous” film’s clip was uploaded to it and received millions of views in a couple days, inviting rage from Muslims. The result of the storm? YouTube was reopened and instead of the controversial clip, the entire film was there for public view with tons of other “blasphemous” content. And Pakistan’s government and media have been quiet since then, because they can’t do anything about it.

But will Facebook really, seriously work on censorship of content offensive to one or more religions or ethnicities? I want to say not very likely, at least not to appease a country like Pakistan whose international significance is probably hardly more than zero. But then the double-faced liberals who advocate freedom of speech and actively plot and plan and work to stifle it can do anything to promote fascism of their kind. So I won’t be surprised if this claim did even come true.

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