Moving House: The Essentials That Aren’t On Your To Do List But Should Be

Moving House: The Essentials That Aren’t On Your To Do List But Should Be

by Daniel Bell

So you’ve just bought a house – congratulations are in order. There’s nothing more exciting than finding the perfect property, especially when competition is fierce. While buying your dream home is something you’re probably over the moon about, it’s important not to let your excitement get the better of you. After all, before you move, you’ve got a lot to get sorted. That’s the downside to moving house – so much to plan and organize.

You most probably already have a list of essentials that you need to get organized, such as ordering boxes and hiring a removal truck. But the chances are, you’ve forgotten or not even thought about a few crucial things. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, these are the things that almost every buyer forgets to do.

For Your Old Home:lock-for-home

Contact a cleaning service

Most sales come with the condition that before the new tenants move in, the house should be spotless. While you could do this yourself, with everything else to think about, you won’t have the time. Don’t put extra stress on yourself, instead, hire a professional cleaning service. That way, you don’t have to stress about making time to clean. Plus, you’ll know that before the new owners move in, the property will be cleaned to perfection.

Ask friends, family, and neighbors for their old keys back.

Out of respect for the new owners, it’s important to ask anyone who has a key to your old property to return it. The chances are the new owners will change the locks anyway (something we’ll get to in a minute), but it’s still a nice gesture to make. Once you’ve collected up all the keys, leave them at your old property for the new owners to find when they arrive.

Make a note of all meter readings

It’s crucial that before you leave, you make a note of all the meter readings from around your property. From gas and electric to water, it’s important that you have a note of what each reading is so that you don’t get overcharged. It’s also a good idea to take a photo of each reading, so that should you need proof, you’ve got it.

For Your New Property:

Hire a locksmith

One of the most important things that you need to do before your move is hire a locksmith to come and change the locks. While the chances are that the old owners are kind, trustworthy people who would never think of keeping a key, it’s not worth the risk. It’s not just the old owners that you have to worry about, but also anyone else who may have a key.

For example, if at some point or another a key was lost or they gave one to a friend and didn’t get it back, that leaves you and your family vulnerable. That’s why, it’s so important that the day you move in, you have the locks changed. If you don’t want to book a locksmith in advance, you can always use a 24 hour emergency locksmith service. Just make sure that before spending your first night in your new home, you have the locks changed.

Transfer your home insurance

You never know when disaster will strike, so it’s essential that you transfer over your home insurance before moving in. It might seem unlikely that in the first few days of moving somewhere, disaster will strike, but you never know. So it’s important that before moving in, you call your insurer and change over your police. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

There’s no getting away from the fact that moving house is extremely stressful. Because of the stress that comes with moving, it’s easy to forget some of the most crucial tasks, such as those listed above. To ensure that you and your new family are safe, secure and happy in your new home, the things mentioned above are crucial.

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