Mini-Heater Bringing Good Comfort from China

Mini-Heater Bringing Good Comfort from China

The Chinese mini-heater is one of those small items that provide significant comfort at a low cost.

I ordered one of these mini-heaters – which are unbranded, and just marked as Chinese-made mini-heaters, on eBay. Due to cold in my room and frequent gas outage episodes, I had to face the discomfort of sitting at the laptop and clicking on the mouse with freezing right hand. I really needed something to help with that. That is how I searched for a small heater and glad to have found this one.

mini-heater front image

On its arrival, I tested it and found it working. But before writing a review or rating it, I wanted to run it a few days and see its performance. It runs smoothly and provides just want I needed—localized heating for cold hands, or feet, if you set it that way, working noiselessly and consistently. It’s also good safety-wise as it doesn’t heat up the surface to the degree of scalding or causing a fire or anything.

You can set the mini-heater on its steel stand that can be lowered back in to main body so that you can use the heater lying sideways. Or you can set it on the stand to face whatever body part you need to warm up. One of the good ways to use this heater is to raise the blanket or quilt and slip the heater in though making sure it stays on its stand and the blankets (or your clothes etc) don’t cover its heating slot. This contains the hot air from the heater in the small area cordoned off by the blankets/quilt and gives a more full heating experience to your body.

Best of all though, it’s just 50 Watts so very low power consumption for an electric heating device that makes it okay to run on a UPS system and working fine even if you are having a main power outage episode—which is something very frequent in some third-world countries.

I got the mini-heater for about $11(USD) and that included shipping. So pretty low-cost there. But it’s brought exactly the comfort that I needed. Happy to buy this thing. It’s worth the cost.

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