Four Tips for Turning Your Backyard into the Perfect Vacation Spot

Four Tips for Turning Your Backyard into the Perfect Vacation Spot

by Ann Harrison

Summer’s here and many people long to take a nice relaxing vacation. However, due to the pandemic and the rising cost of gasoline, vacationing may seem like a plan for the distant future for some. If vacationing at a luxurious beach resort isn’t in your budget this year, don’t worry! These four tips will turn your backyard into a staycation paradise.

Your backyard needs to be visually appealing. If your makeshift vacation spot isn’t pleasing to the eye, your guests will quickly lose interest in your homemade vacation, no matter how fancy you make it or how many luxury items you provide to make them feel comfortable. There are several ways you can achieve this goal. First of all, hang decorative curtains around your porch with tropical scenes on them. You can also place partitions around specific areas of your patio to separate the dining area from the makeshift lounge. Speaking of dining, place flowers and scented candles around the center of your patio table, along with some delicious snacks. Place comfortable chairs around the table and off to the side, to make it easier for you to engage in conversation during meals.


If you want to please the eye and make your guests feel comfortable at the same time, why not place a daybed on your porch, covered in sheer linens? You can also place soft, decorative, weather-proof cushions on your patio furniture. Install a portable television so the guys can watch their ball games or you can settle in for a movie night with the kids.

Create a relaxing atmosphere in your backyard. Temperatures can heat up during the summer months. Install an outdoor ceiling fan or place outdoor floor fans around your patio. Hang a swing on your porch or in your yard to make your home more inviting. Bring out some old recliners or lounge chairs to provide ample lounging space for guests to relax while watching television, or curling up with a good book. If you have a smart speaker or portable stereo system, pipe in some music to create a beach vacation atmosphere at home.

Plan a few activities to keep your guests entertained. The last thing you want is for your guests to complain that they’re bored. If you love to take your family to the beach or the pool, why not turn your yard into a mini water park. Fill some balloons with water, turn on the garden hose or sprinkler, so your guests can play silly little games while getting splashed. Add another game to the mix by placing a small pebble or colorful bead in a bucket of ice water. Take turns lifting the object out with your toes.

If you have guests that want to go swimming, blow up an inflatable baby pool or erect an above-ground pool that’s either three or four feet deep. No matter what water sport you try, this is a chance to get silly while beating the summer heat.

Turn your backyard into a campground. If camping is more your style, why not put up a tent in your yard and bring out sleeping bags. Don’t forget to build a small fire pit for grilling hot dogs and burgers, and roasting marshmallows. Be sure to bring the graham crackers and chocolate for s’mores. Once the kids have bedded down for the night, you’ll want to set up a mini bar on the porch with a variety of beverages for your adult guests. If you don’t have enough room to fit everyone in one tent, you can place blankets and pillows on recliners, lounge chairs and/or beds to provide extra sleeping arrangements.

With these handy little tips and tricks, you’ll have your own little beach resort or camping spot to enjoy from the comfort of your home.

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Ann Harrison is a totally blind author, who grew up in the small town of Rochelle, Georgia, and has moved back to her family home after living in North Georgia for several years. Ann has written many articles of general interest for a number of clients since June of 2010, including the Cordele Dispatch. She has also published a short story entitled “The Big Climb” in Awethology Light. Ann also published a story entitled “The Woods” in December Awethology Light Volume by The #Awethors. To read more of Ms. Harrison’s inspirational writings, visit her blog at

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