Ohio: Bill Introduced to Stop Employers from Punishing Vaccine Refusers

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Persecution of employees who refuse to vaccinate continues in US, especially those employees working in medical fields. But one woman lawmaker is determined to stand for their rights to refuse vaccination.

Christina Hagan @ Twitter

Christina Hagan, Republican Representative of Ohio, has again introduced the bill to stop employers from punishing workers who refuse to take the flu shot required in some companies. Statehouse News Bureau says the bill would make it illegal for employers to fire or punish employees in other ways when they do not take flu shots.

Hagan has presented this bill before but hasn’t got it approved into a law yet. But she is not giving up and hopes the other lawmakers take this issue of freedom of choice seriously.

It’s worth reminding that not only has flu shot been repeatedly found ineffective but has also caused life-threatening injuries in many cases, much like other vaccines having a live virus and toxic metals.