International Media Ignores Brutal Attack on Pashtun Students in Lahore

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Last week a gang of fundamentalist Islamic students attacked Pashtun students who were celebrating Pashtun Culture Day at Punjab University in Lahore. The victims, Pashtun students celebrating the culture day with traditional dance and music, reported that Punjab’s police also attacked them.

The story appeared in Pakistani papers and on the electronic media. The attack, not the first of its kind, was one of the worst cases of open racial as well as ideological assaults against moderate and secular Pashtuns. The aggressors, Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT), have been known to target Pashtun nationalist students but the attacks of Punjab police on students is a shameful example of the state-run racist and fundamentalist Islamist agenda.

A Facebook video shows a bleeding Pashtun student pushed by the police can be seen describing how he was first attacked by the Islamist gang and then by the police. International media that usually makes a big deal of even a small incident with bare evidence of racism or discrimination seems to have ignored the story.

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