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I have reviewed books for a hobby for years. Now, as I find myself on a schedule, and a tight schedule for that, I am starting to integrate my hobby into my writing/editing profession. In other words, I will be charging for reviewing books. I am starting this service on experimental basis because Word Matters! has grown unexpectedly into a very popular blog and is likely to add to its success in the coming months.

Author and publishers who are interested in getting their books reviewed or post a media release of their publication or book event on my site, feel free to write to me at with their book/event details for a quote.

Two important points to keep in mind:

  1. At Word Matters! for the time being, I am accepting books only from authors and publishers based outside the US. US-based authors and publishers can contact Recovering the Self blog to ask for a quote at:
  2. A paid review means you are paying me for my time and effort in providing an honest review of your book. It Does Not mean a necessarily positive review or praise for the book. That is something left to the book’s quality and my experience of it as a reader/reviewer.

Beside a review, I may choose to do an email interview with any authors whose books I review for Word Matters!


Ernest Dempsey

December 15, 2013

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